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Next PTA Meeting is on
Tuesday 10th May 2016, 7.30pm - School Staffroom
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Ever wondered what happens to all the fundraising that we do?  We donate various funds or items that all help with making your child's school experience more fun and engaging.  If you have an idea that might benefit the students or school, please contact the PTA or come along to our next meeting. 
2014 & 2015 - Donations to Date
$35,960  ICT purchases & furniture for enhancing classroom
              learning environments
$3,000    New library books
$6,580    Upgraded data projector & cage for school hall
$6,400    Wet weather games for each class 2015

$1,300    Vacuum cleaners for classroom use
$2,500    Sandpit cover
$1,500    Raincoats for outdoor use at school
$1,600    Imaginz building set for Team Rata
$600       Media team camera
$10,000  Bus transport for swimming lessons
$1,867    Sound equipment for hall
$2,599    ICT trolley for iPads
$2,597    Learning equipment & laptops for SENCO
$7,250    Wet weather games for each class 2014

The PTA is not only about fund-raising!

Come along and meet other parents and develop a support network.
Have a look around our site to see what we are doing.  Find out how you can become involved and join in the fun!
The PTA is for you and your children - WE NEED YOU!

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