What's Happening Next

Next PTA Meeting
Monday 30 April 2018
7.30pm School Staffroom
all parents/caregivers are welcome 

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Ever wondered what happens to all the fundraising that we do?  We donate various funds or items that all help with making your child's school experience more fun and engaging.  If you have an idea that might benefit the students or school, please contact the PTA or come along to our next meeting. 
Where the funds have gone this year:
$25,000  Towards the development of the new play area
$14,930  Swimming lessons transport
$2,500    iPads
$2,000    Chromebooks
$1,500    Line marker 
$1,000    Jump Jam
$933       Road patrol clothing for Tennyson Street Crossing
$500       Cracker Kid card prizes

The PTA is not only about fund-raising!
Come along and meet other parents and develop a support network.
Have a look around our site to see what we are doing.  Find out how you can become involved and join in the fun!
The PTA is for you and your children - WE NEED YOU!